Finding a Needle in a Haystack SharePoint Style: Search Concepts & Content Quality Mon, 13 Mar 2017 11:15am (45m) PowerShell / SharePoint, Room B

So you have this shiny new SharePoint environment built inside your enterprise. You have added tons of content and have lots of users adding, modifying and deleting content all the time. You've got your system purring like a kitten and everyone loves it except for one minor detail. Your users can't find any of the content they are looking for. Search is just not working for them. If they don't know exactly where to find a file they need to reference or work on, they are spending their precious time looking for it. Join us in this session where we will discuss the concept that SharePoint Search is built on, why it likely isn't working for you and what you can do to improve you ability to find the needle in your haystack - your content.

David Drever (SharePoint Services Lead at Solvera Solutions) Regina, Saskatchewan

David humbly considers himself a SharePoint JoAT (Jack of All Trades). He is the SharePoint Services Lead at Solvera Solutions, an Office Servers and Services MVP. Over the last 16 years David has worked in a wide variety of areas in IT ranging from Desktop\Server support to developing in C++ and .NET technologies. Over that period, David has been able to add value to a wide variety of clients in several sectors, including utilities, government, banking and agriculture.
For the past six years David has been working exclusively in the SharePoint domain. He has helped stand up multiple Enterprise SharePoint environments as well as designed and built numerous SharePoint solutions. David recently worked with a client to implement a SharePoint 2013 environment that integrated with OpenText Content Server. David’s extensive experience in SharePoint is complemented by a range of SharePoint training courses and Certification in Microsoft SharePoint 2010. He is a knowledgeable and sought-after international speaker within IT circles and consulted regularly by companies formulating their SharePoint strategies.

Joanne Klein (SharePoint Architect) Regina, Saskatchewan

Joanne Klein is a SharePoint Architect from Saskatchewan, Canada. She has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry with the past 10 spent working as a SharePoint practitioner. Her specialties include information architecture, search and designing solutions favouring out-of-the-box configuration which allows her to help organizations get the most out of their SharePoint investment. Joanne is an active participant and avid supporter of the SharePoint community.
You can follow her at @JoanneCKlein on Twitter and read her blog at

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